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7 Best IT Training Institutes in Bangladesh 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of information technology cannot be overstated. It has become an essential part of our daily lives, from communication to business operations. Bangladesh is no exception to this trend, with a growing number of IT professionals and companies emerging in recent years. 

However, the demand for skilled and trained IT professionals still outstrips the supply. Various IT training institutes have sprung up across the country to bridge this gap. This blog post will highlight the top 7 IT training or freelance training institutes in Bangladesh. We only selected some professional high-quality training institutes that helped students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the ever-evolving IT industry.

List of Top 7  IT Training Institutes in Bangladesh 

  1. CodersTrust Bangladesh 
  2. Creative IT Institute
  3. Warriors BD
  4. BASIS Institute of Technology & Management (BITM) 
  5. OSTAD
  6. Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI)
  7. UY LAB
CodersTrust Bangladesh

CodersTrust Bangladesh 

CodersTrust is a company that is dedicated to providing world-class training to individuals who want to become IT professionals. The company has a strong focus on creating quality content, improving training facilities, and launching state-of-the-art training programs designed to prepare individuals to become strong competitors in the global marketplace. 

With a headquarters in New York City and a strong presence in multiple countries, including Bangladesh, the USA, Europe, Malaysia, Kenya, Kosovo, Poland, India, Bhutan, Somalia, and Bosnia, CodersTrust has successfully trained tens of thousands of underprivileged, unemployed, and underemployed individuals, who are now employed across the planet, with the skills they require to be employed and grow their value in the global IT market.

CodersTrust has partnered with several organizations, including DANIDA, UNDP, World Bank, WFP, Dutch Foundation, Swanirvar Bangladesh, BRAC, CARE Bangladesh, Ministry of ICT Bangladesh, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, Palli Karma Sahayok Foundation-PKSF, and more, to facilitate their ICT endeavors. 

The company has been recognized by various organizations, such as the ICT Division of Bangladesh, the National Skill Development Authority (NSDA), the Hi-Tech Park Authority, BASIS, and BITAC, for its successful training and mentorship programs. CodersTrust has been awarded and acknowledged as “The best IT training institute in Bangladesh and abroad,” making it a top choice for those looking to enter the IT industry.

CodersTrust Bangladesh is one of the top IT training institutes in Bangladesh. It is best known for providing digital marketing and graphic design training. The institute has three branches in Dhaka city, located in Banani, Mirpur, and Dhanmondi. One of the key features of CodersTrust is its highly qualified mentors who have years of industry experience.

The institute’s trainers are adept at using the latest software and technology tools to teach students the latest industry trends and techniques. CodersTrust has a robust curriculum that includes practical, hands-on training sessions and real-world case studies to prepare students for the challenges of the modern digital economy. The institute also has partnerships with several leading global tech firms, providing students with access to the latest software and tools.

CodersTrust is working on some government projects in Bangladesh as well. This shows the institute’s commitment to contributing to the country’s digital transformation. The institute has trained thousands of students, and many of them have landed lucrative job offers both in Bangladesh and abroad. If you’re looking for a reliable IT training institute in Bangladesh, CodersTrust is an excellent choice.

Course List

  • Web Development
  • Graphics Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advance Facebook Marketing
  • Advance SEO & Amazon Affiliate Marketing 
  • Accounts Management System
  • Advanced Excel
  • Business Communication
  • Responsive Web Design

Contact Information

Address: Block# E, House# 82 Rd No. 19/A, Banani Dhaka 1213

Phone: 01787-659323

Creative IT Institute

Creative IT Institute

Creative IT Institute is a leading IT training institute in Bangladesh, best known for its graphic design and MERN training. The institute has two branches in Dhaka City, located in Dhanmondi and Uttara, as well as a branch in Chittagong. One of the institute’s standout features is its highly decorated lab, which provides students with access to state-of-the-art equipment and software.

The institute’s trainers have experienced professionals who have worked with some of the top tech firms in the country. They use a practical, hands-on approach to teaching, with a focus on real-world applications. Creative IT Institute’s curriculum includes the latest industry trends and techniques, ensuring that students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the modern tech landscape.

Creative IT Institute is also working on some government and NGO projects in Bangladesh. This shows the institute’s commitment to contributing to the country’s digital transformation and using technology to drive positive change. Many of the institute’s graduates have gone on to successful careers in the tech industry, both in Bangladesh and abroad. With its experienced trainers, state-of-the-art lab, and commitment to using technology for social good, the institute is well-positioned to help you achieve your goals in the tech industry.

Course List

  • Web Development
  • Graphics Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Full Stack MERN
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Motion Graphic

Contact Information

Address: Momtaz Plaza (4th floor), House#7, Road#4 Opposite of Labaid Hospital Dhaka, 1205

Phone: 01777-308777

Warriors BD

Warriors BD

Warriors BD is a specialized IT training institute in Bangladesh, offering digital marketing training exclusively. The institute’s headquarters is located at Farmgate, Dhaka. One of the institute’s standout features is its small lab and small batch sizes, which allow for a more personalized learning experience and a special focus on individual students.

The institute’s trainers are experienced professionals in the field of digital marketing, with a deep understanding of the latest industry trends and techniques. Warriors BD’s curriculum is tailored to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

Warriors BD’s focus on small batches and individual attention ensures that each student receives personalized guidance and support throughout their training. This approach has helped many of the institute’s graduates to achieve success in the digital marketing industry, with many landing lucrative job offers in top firms.

Course List 

  • Full Stack Digital Marketing 
  • Advance Facebook Marketing 
  • SEO & Affiliate Marketing 

Contact Information

Address: Suite- 19 & 20, 2nd Floor, Green Super Market, Green Rd, Dhaka 1215

Phone: 01833-975499

BASIS Institute of Technology & Management (BITM)

BASIS Institute of Technology & Management (BITM) 

BASIS Institute of Technology & Management (BITM) is a leading IT training institute in Bangladesh, established in 2007 under the ownership of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). The institute was founded with the vision of developing a vibrant software and IT service industry in the country by addressing the gap in HR requirement for the IT industry.

BITM has over a decade of experience in providing quality IT training. The institute has 12 training labs, each with the capacity to train 30 trainees, and an individual PC for each trainee. All the labs are equipped with multimedia projectors and high-speed internet connections. BITM also has a conference room, an auditorium, and a server room, along with a well-equipped office.

BITM offers a wide range of IT courses, from web platform to mobile platform, designed and reviewed by industry experts and practitioners. The institute has a pool of trainers with a minimum of 3 years of industry work experience, who are selected based on in-depth working experience in the relevant field.

Course List

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Graphic and Web UI Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Digital Marketing
  • Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Graphic Design
  • Professional WordPress Theme Customization
  • Mastering Flutter for Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
  • Cloud Journey with AWS: Beginner to Advance level
  • Graphic Design for Freelancing
  • Web Design & Development Using Laravel & Vue
  • Data Science and Machine Learning using Python
  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Contact Information

Address: 3rd Floor, BDBL Bhaban, East 12, Dhaka 1215

Phone: 09612-342486



Ostad sounds like an innovative and dynamic platform for skill development in Bangladesh. With a user base of over 30,000 and 4,500 learners who have graduated and are still learning on the platform, it’s clear that Ostad has become a popular choice for individuals looking to learn or develop their skills.

One of the standout features of Ostad is its focus on live learning, which allows users to interact directly with industry experts and get real-time feedback on their progress. The task-based curriculum is designed to help users develop practical skills that are relevant to their chosen field, while the progress tracking dashboard makes it easy to monitor their progress and stay motivated.

Ostad offers skill development opportunities to a wide range of individuals, including university students, job holders, job seekers, and freelancers. By providing access to some of the best instructors in the industry, Ostad is well-equipped to help individuals acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers.

Overall, Ostad appears to be an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn or develop their skills in Bangladesh. With its focus on live learning, task-based curriculum, and progress tracking dashboard, it provides a comprehensive and effective approach to skill development that can help users achieve their career goals.

Course List

  • Full Stack Digital Marketing-2023
  • Power BI for Professionals
  • Business Intelligence with Excel
  • Full Stack Web Development with MERN
  • App Development with Flutter
  • Web Development with PHP & Laravel
  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance
  • SQA: Manual & Automated Testing

Contact Information

Address: Navana Sylviyana 59, 2 Park Rd, Dhaka 1212

Phone: 01631-894477

Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI)

Daffodil International Professional Training Institute (DIPTI)

DIPTI is a professional training institute established to provide comprehensive and real-life practical job-oriented training to individuals in Bangladesh. The aim of DIPTI is to develop skilled manpower and promote more businesses to attract foreign investment while producing quality products. They focus on helping educated but unemployed individuals and professionals to develop their professionalism and establish their career.

DIPTI is a part of the Daffodil Family, which comprises over 40 concerns in the ICT, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Hospital sectors. The group operates in major divisions and cosmopolitan areas in Bangladesh and has also started its operation in the UK, USA, Malaysia, and Dubai. Each company of Daffodil Family operates independently, and every concern has its own board led by directors.

The Daffodil Family is known for its focus on new technologies and innovation in thoughts, processes, approaches, and strategies to excel in business and service arenas. They aim to return wealth to the society they serve. With its strong backing from the Daffodil Family, DIPTI is well-equipped to provide quality training to individuals and help them establish a successful career in their chosen field.

Course List 

  • Professional Diploma Courses
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Graphics Design
  • Diploma in WordPress Theme Development
  • Diploma in Software Engineering
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Advance Certificate in Hardware & Networking
  • Android Apps Development using JAVA
  • Autodesk 3ds MAX (Modeling)
  • (with C#)
  • Professional Web Development
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Software Development using Python (Django Framework)
  • Digital Marketing with Freelancing

Contact Information

Address: 4/2, Daffodil Plaza, Sobhanbagh Mirpur Rd, Dhaka 1207

Phone: 01713-493267



It sounds like UY LAB is a training institute that aims to create skilled and committed IT experts in Bangladesh by providing high-quality training facilities. The institute has experienced trainers who focus on building a strong foundation of basic knowledge for their students. They offer online courses with a full discount system and online certificates that can be used worldwide. Additionally, UY LAB has an online leadership development program at Amader Academy.

The institute also provides internship and scholarship opportunities to outstanding students. Their trainers guide their students to become professional freelancers in the marketplaces. UY LAB guarantees their services and aims to become a brand in the IT industry of Bangladesh.

Course List 

  • Microsoft Office
  • App Development

Contact Information

Address: 11 Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Road, 31 Mohakhali Commercial Area, Colombia Super Market, 4th Floor, Wireless Gate, 1213

Phone: 01783-838382

A Guide to Choosing the Right Skill Development Institute

With the rise of remote work and freelance opportunities, acquiring new skills and staying up-to-date with industry trends can help you stay competitive and land your dream job. Consider the following factors when admitting to Bangladesh’s skill development training institute. 

Course Curriculum

Firstly you have to consider the course curriculum of an institution. Look for institutes that offer courses in high demand in the job market, such as web development, graphic design, digital marketing, accounts management system, etc. Ensure that the curriculum is up-to-date, relevant, and comprehensive. 


Look for institutes that have experienced and knowledgeable trainers who have industry experience. Trainers may be SEO experts, graphic designers, or web developers. You need to check their credentials, experience, and teaching methodology to ensure you get the best training possible. 

Industry Partnerships

Institutes with partnerships with reputable companies in the IT industry are always fine. They offer students access to real-world projects, internships, and job opportunities. Look for institutes that partner with the Government of Bangladesh and other reputed IT companies. 


Research online reviews, feedback from alums, and testimonials to gauge the institute’s quality of training, placements, and overall reputation.

Job Placement Assistance 

Look for institutes that offer job placement assistance and career support services. Most of the training institutes in Bangladesh need a better support system. These services can help you find the right job after completing the training program.


Finally, you need to consider the flexibility of the training program. Look for institutes that offer flexible schedules, such as part-time or online courses, to fit your schedule and needs. This can be especially important for those working or freelancing while pursuing their training.

Final Words

In Bangladesh, the IT industry is rapidly growing, and there is a high demand for skilled IT professionals. To meet this demand, several IT training institutes have emerged, offering various training programs in different fields of IT. After analyzing and comparing the top IT training institutes in Bangladesh, it is clear that CodersTrust Bangladesh stands out as the best.

With its comprehensive course curriculum, experienced faculty, industry partnerships, excellent reputation, job placement assistance, and flexible training options, CodersTrust is a popular choice for students and professionals looking to advance their IT skills. So, if you’re looking to pursue a career in IT or enhance your skills in this field, CodersTrust Bangladesh can be an excellent choice.

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