Affiliate Marketing

Hasan Shahriar Riaz Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is all about selling other’s product by making a website and earn a commission for that sell. has an affiliate associate program. To sell amazon produce you have to create an Amazon niche site and need to work behind so that the site can rank in the search engine’s first page. You can earn up to 15% commission for each sale from Amazon. You will get the sales commission in the dollar. You can easily withdraw dollar through check or bank account.

In recent time, affiliate marketing become a very trendy & prestigious business. In the foreign country, an affiliate marketer earns $500-$100000 per month. But to get success, you need to be skilled and experience in this sector. There are so many skill factors that are associated to get a good outcome from this sector. You can earn a lot of passive money from a successful affiliate niche website.


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I am Chairman & founder of Amazon affiliate site named Tactical Backpack Lab. Through this website, we promote all premium categories of backpack & gears who wanted to go for hiking.

If you are looking for someone experienced in affiliate marketing, you are always invited. I will show the journey of success with 100% guarantee.