How to create backlinks manuallyBacklinks are very important to rank a site. The practice and the way we are creating backlinks is a myth. A number of different ways are involved in the backlinking process.  How to create backlinks manually is the most common question to every SEO experts. In this post, I would like to express the importance of backlinks and the latest trends of backlinks that an SEO practitioner does in 2018.

Backlinks are all the incoming links that come to a website. When a website is linked to other website or web pages then it’s called Backlink. A web page that has more backlink get higher value and rank top in search engines.

Some important backlinking terms are Link Juice, No-follow Link, Do-Follow Link, Linking Root Domain, Anchor Text, Internal Links, Low-quality Links.

Link Juice: When a web page is linked with another pages/site then it passes link juice. This link juice is very important in increasing Page authority and domain authority. Link Juice can be external or internal.

Importance of Backlinking

How to Create Back links Manually

Backlink can play a very important role in ranking a site. It has been more tactical when Google rolled out Penguin Algorithm. Now, it is very important to have backlinks from the high authority relevant site. Low authority irrelevant backlinks cannot play any significant role in SEO ranking. A backlink is very important to improve organic ranking. When a page of a site gets a link from another site then it gets better ranking. Backlinking also important in faster indexing. Through a backlinking search engine, bots can crawl a site more effectively. A backlink is also providing a very high-quality low bounce audience to a site. So, the bounce rate of those referral sites is lower.

How to create Backlinks

How to create backlinks manually is a very popular topic in SEO industry. As you know backlink is very important in ranking, I, therefore, will talk about the process of backlink creation and the impact of negative backlinks that can harm your site. Don’t trust anyone to create backlink for your site. If anyone did well in backlinking, it is unlikely that he will share it with you. When you go for creating backlinks, never leave your footprint. Backlinks should look natural and untraceable. When you write for a guest post, always write it for other pen names that make it more natural.

Let’s discover some important methods of link buildings:

Blog Comment

Real and relevant blog comments are very easy and effective in getting link juice. But you have to get this from an authentic and relevant site. There are a lot of irrelevant sites that provide comments sharing options. But those blog comments are not effective. Some also marked negatively by the search engine. Again, there is some blog that keeps their blog commenting options as no-follow. This means that commenting on this blog will not bring any link juice to the page site. Apart from this, blog comments help to diversify anchor text profile.

One of my way of searching for blog posts that have a fair chance of accepting new comments is-

From Google search engine you can write the following in search bar:

intitle:[your topic] “2..20 comments”

keyword “inurl:”option=com_zoo”

Guest Posting

Guest posting is all about writing an article other website or blog. This is a great way of building links and getting more readers. Guest posting plays vital a role in online and social media. When you write a good quality article on someone else blog, it will create more traffic and connections for you. In the online community, bloggers need friends and followers who regularly read their blog and share it with their timeline. Ultimately, guest posting brings more conversion in own business.

To write a guest post article on someone else blog, you can email to the blog owner by asking the possibilities of publishing a guest post on their website. In your article, you should not enclose a bunch of topics. Rather keep the email simple and straightforward.

Infographic: Infographic is a visual representation of information and data. It can be chart, Image, Video. An Infographic is a very effective and simple way of delivering complex issues to the audience. An infographic can be a very handful way of creating a high quality of backlinks.

 Links building using Web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to a new generation of a website. It allows an audience to share information in online ways. It is a highly dynamic and interactive way of collecting audience. An example of web 2.0 is Google drive and spreadsheets. Google drive and spreadsheets enable users to create and use word processing documents and spreadsheets and record these in online. Another example of user-friendly and interactive web 2.0 web applications is Google map or Yahoo map.


It is also a very useful way of sharing knowledge where people can gather information from posted messages and question. Do-follow forums contain a very high domain authority. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can connect with niche forum site that allows you a high quality of backlinks, traffic, and conversion. Some high-quality forum sites are listed below:

  • CNET Forum
  • Joomla Forum
  • HTML Forum
  • Web hosting Forum
  • Photoshop designs
  • SEOChat Forum
  • Business Advice Forum
  • What is my IP
  • File Sharing Forum

You can register on these forums with your link and stay active to get traffic and backlinks

Sites Directory

It is a list of websites based on their categories. You can register your site in web directories. You must check first whether the site is friendly for SEO and has a free subscription option. Some high-quality sites directories are:

Resource Page Link Building: If you are an Amazon affiliate and you are looking for backlinks then you should search what your competitors are doing with their site in link building process. Then try to link your page to those sites.

Question-answer type sites

Yahoo! Answers and Quora are the very popular Question-answer type of site. You can act on these sites as well.

High-quality web directories

High-quality web directories are very effective in link building process. Some powerful and easy access web directories are:

  • Incrawler
  • Splash Directory
  • Goguides
  • Info Listing
  • Global weblinks
  • Dmoz Zilla
  • Business Directory
  • Most Popular Sites
  • Gimpsy
  • ALS Links
  • Family Friendly Sites

Social Bookmarking Site

You can create an account on the bookmarking sites like; Reddit, StumbleUpon for organic traffic in your site.


The key success factor of backlinking is that you should regularly monitor your linking activities and try to find the most relevant high-quality link sources for your page. Competitor backlink analysis is another important thing. After all the analysis and information, it is up to you to know How to create backlinks manually.


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