Some important SEO update of Google in 2018| SEO Tutorial

Hasan Shahriar Riaz |15 Feb 2018| SEO Techniques 


Learn SEO Important SEO update in 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an undeniable foundation of internet marketing although the shape and the extent of SEO have changed drastically in recent years. Only keywords stuffing is carrying no value. Now a content should have to be arranged with a very thoughtful approach. From SEO learning, we all know that the content needs to be optimized with a diversified array of mediums like image, video & apps. After doing all these you may face a big challenge in 2018. Some important update of Google in 2018 already create a huge difference in the industry. My article “Some important update of Google in 2018 | SEO Tutorial” will unveil these update for you.

SEO factors:

Are you an SEO learner or a practitioner? In 2018 Google has brought some update in SEO.  We have to know these important SEO factors that google considering most.


Meta Description:

SEO practitioner can use a long tail keyword as meta description in google search engine. Character length of meta description has been increased to 320 characters in 2018. Yoast SEO has updated its plugins for longer meta description tags. The challenge is website designer must have to focus on both desktop and mobile device so that the sites are visible from both the format.

Meta description sample file

High-Quality Backlink:

A high quality of backlinks are those links that come from relevant source or community. A web page that contains more of these relevant backlinks will be prioritized over those are stuffed with irrelevant low-quality backlinks. One high-quality backlink is better than 100 irrelevant backlinks.Backlink Hasan shahriar



Among some important update of Google in 2018, Google Chrome browser has declared that the sites that are not migrated to HTTPS are not secure. Therefore, Google will mark those not secured site from July 2018.HTTPS changes bt hasan ShahriarKeyword Research:

Keyword research is understanding the search terms which is used by the targeted traffic, audience, and competitors. And then using those keywords in your web pages effectively. For this, we have to know latest and advanced SEO techniques of 2018.

Learn SEO Some important update of Google in 2018 SEO Tutorial

Quality of content:

Quality of content is a very important factor in 2018. SEO success is all about knowing your message and then deliver the message effectively to the audience. A high-quality content can attract more traffic to a site and provide more audience engagement.

Learn SEO Some important update of Google in 2018 SEO Tutorial

Mobile-First Indexing:

Recently, usage of mobile devices has increased a lot. People are searching their topic on Google on their mobile. Google algorithm is also prioritize indexing those sites, who are responsive in their mobile and desktop versions.

Cloaking & Crawling: Cloaking is a site design improvement (SEO) strategy in which the content that is introduced to the search engine is not the same that is exhibited to the users. The search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo frequently visit websites. If a search engine can easily crawl sites then they will provide a good feedback on it.

Learn SEO Some important update of Google in 2018 SEO Tutorial


Quick and first loading sites will get preference over slow loading sites in 2018. Nowadays, most of the internet service provider also provides a very high-speed internet service. If a site takes a long time to load and open then user bounce rate will be higher.

URL & Title:

URL & Title must be relevant to page topics and contain meaningful keywords. A title can be 70 characters including spaces and pixels width can be 600 and this setting is applicable for the desktop version.

Authority & User Engagement:

Authorities deals with the relevance of information, shares & links that are connected to pages of that site. User engagement is the amount of time that a user spends in a website. If a visitor invests a good amount of time in a web page it will get more ranking point from the Search engine like google. On the other hand, if a visitor comes and bounces back then it will lose the point.

Learn SEO Some important update of Google in 2018 SEO Tutorial

Piracy: A website must not contain any pirated topics. Pirated content will be easily identified in search engine algorithm and will be negatively marked. To identify fraud and pirated copy Google also going to introduce more advanced audit system in its tools.

How challenging the SEO in 2018

Yes, it is challenging to evolve with the changes. Although as an SEO practitioner you need to keep your research to use a precise and descriptive meta description that support both desktop and mobile devices. Conversion into HTTPS will be another big challenge that Google might face after July 2018. Declaring non-secure site due to not converting to HTTPS may not be evident enough to keep everything safe and secure. High-quality content that keeps traffic for a longer period of time will be the main focus of all. That is why continuous learning of SEO and stay updated with the recent trends will rank your page in search engine.

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